All of this poses new challenges for feminist politics to effectively organize against the anti-feminist backlash and to take a clear stand against right-wing authoritarianism as well as neoliberalism. A New Feminist Class Politics can be an important strategy in addressing the intersecting bundle of domination and inequality. The devaluation of women and the exploitation of feminized and racialized care work are the main stakes of the current capitalist economy. Interlocking systems of oppression demand intersectional political answers. How can we fight sexual violence not only in Hollywood, but also at the work place? How can we connect the struggle for abortion rights to a broader framework of reproductive justice? How do we fight the privatization and precarity of care work and create conditions of good care for the many, not just the few? This reader brings together different feminist analyses that address these questions and offer some strategic approaches to our future struggles. This brochure is a special english issue, a compilation of articles taken from various issues of the LuXemburg Magazine.

Contents Breaking Feminism. In search of a new feminist Class Politics Preface From #MeToo to #WeStrike A Politics in Feminine by Liz Mason-Deese »Feminism Is for Everyone« Perspectives for a Feminist Class Politics by Barbara Fried Ragpicking Through History Class Memory, Class Struggle and its Archivists by Tithi Bhattacharya Gender as symbolic glue How ›gender‹ became an umbrella term for the rejection of the (neo)liberal order by Weronika Grzebalska, Eszter Kováts and Andrea Pető Holy Shit Family and Gender politics of the right wing ›Alternative for Germany‹ by Gerd Wiegel Ni una Menos Interview about femicide and its political meaning with Alex Wischnewski Our people are worth the risks A southern queer agenda from the margins and the red states by Southerners On New Ground SONG Your Gender Is Yours, Proletarian! Queering class Struggle by Atlanta Ina Beyer Authors